Simple Haven Bed & Breakfast

 Historic Water Tower

Between the years 1925 and 1930, several water towers were constructed because it was the only water source for human consumption.  One such water tower was owned by the George Borell family and is located on the grounds at Simple Haven.

front of water tower

This tower supplied all the water for the sixteen room native stone house, and neighbors sometimes would carry water from the tower.  It took care of the need of family consumption, large garden, huge lawn, flower garden, and some of the neighbors needs when it did not rain.

The top of the water tower held the pumped water from the windmill that stood beside it.  The tower was built in an unique way. The lower part was large enough for the wash house or laundry with a fireplace and chimney. The middle floor was used for the Borell boys and friends to play cards and games. They called it their Club House.

An overflow pipe was installed to carry excess water to gardens and pets, and was also an indicator that the windmill pump should be shut off.

A renovation of the water tower was begun in the spring of 20back of water tower09 by Joe and Susan.  The tower has received a concrete foundation, fresh paint, new window sashes in the second and third stories, new shingles and dormer siding, a back door, and a Celtic Circle brick patio in the rear with a shaded pergola.  The area surrounding it, recently a blank lot, has being landscaped with paths and many flowers.  This is still a work in progress, but progress is happening.

We envision the Historic Water Tower as another area for "relaxation, reflective thought, and for peace and renewal".

water tower from street